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    @TaraSavelo “As long as they gaze on, there’s always a sunset,they are in paradise xoxo”

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    Tara Savelo and Natalie Germanotta in Birmingham xo

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    The Pancake Crew keeps growing stronger! If you haven’t heard of us yet, we’re a group of people who met because we share a mutual adoration of Tara. We got this cute little Whatsapp group going on that keeps us connected. One of our very precious members Mariika met Tara at her ArtRave and surprised us with a bunch of signed Tara pictures that she is gonna send us 💞 my happiness level is so high right now.

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    I miss my little beautiful sunshine @TaraSavelo :( #MissYou #MissYourHugs

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    Tara and Breedlove in Berlin xoxo

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    @ammsavelo &  Tara Savelo @artRave Amsterdam!

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    @TaraSavelo and @LadyGaga in german newspaper! Wrong time to pick up a Plan B!!

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